Lift Equipment

exterior residential painting lift equiptment

Tall Structures

Applying our services to structures taller than 40 feet (3 stories) may require the use of scaffolding or lift equipment. Lifts provide relatively easy access to high areas at a fraction of the cost of full perimeter scaffolding.

There are trade-offs, however, as a lift is a large, multi-ton piece of equipment. On a hot summer day softened asphalt can be damaged by the lift’s tires, underground sprinklers or uneven pavers may break, soil might be compacted, and there is the potential for plants or bushes to be damaged.

We do our utmost to prevent damage – for example, we lay plywood to distribute the equipment’s weight. Nonetheless it is essential that you and your estimator assess the benefits and all potential costs associated with lift use, including repair costs if damage does occur. Catchlight will facilitate repairs wherever possible.

In your contract you will be asked to sign a waiver stating that while we will do all we can to protect your property, Catchlight does not assume liability for damage that occurs from the proper and careful use of lift equipment.

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All Catchlight work is guaranteed for three years, inside and out.