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Exterior House Painting Contractors In Greater Boston

Surface Preparation, the Key to a Lasting Finish

Can you identify the key to a beautiful, lasting exterior paint finish? Many people are surprised to learn that it isn’t found in using quality paint alone, or proper application techniques (as important as those things are). The key to an enduring finish is skilled, thorough surface preparation.

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Pressure washing, scraping, stripping, sanding–it’s dirty, hard, but necessary work. In fact, more than fifty percent of the time spent working on a home’s exterior finish should be devoted to surface preparation. This kind of preparation is particularly important here in New England where we experience such a wide range of weather. Historic homes (100-400 years old) are especially vulnerable because their thick layers of loose paint become too brittle to flex with seasonal changes of humidity and temperature.

  • Pressure washing of exterior surfaces, siding, decks, roofs and walkways
  • Paint and stain finishes
  • Paint failure analysis
  • Weatherproofing and caulking
  • Exotic wood finishes
  • Wrought iron
  • Light carpentry
  • Gutter cleaning and oiling
  • Window repairs including glass replacement and sash ropes

Are You Looking For Exterior House Painting Contractors in the Greater Boston Area?

Contact the exterior painting experts at Catchlight Painting for a free estimate! All Catchlight work is guaranteed for three years, inside and out.

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What can I expect from a Catchlight estimate?

Our meeting will involve discussion of your project, a review of the work area, resulting in a detailed scope of work, a clear written description, including level of prep that will be done, safety standards, project logistics and pricing. A good estimate is one that will clearly inform and assist you in making educated choices.

What happens if my exterior paint finish peels? Do you guarantee your work?

Yes! That’s why our exterior painting services begin with thorough surface preparation and end with a three-year guarantee.

Catchlight Pricing and Value

It takes time, skill and experience to produce results that are beautiful and guaranteed to last.  We’ll provide fair pricing for your project after meeting with you and listening carefully – our proposal will be detailed and our pricing transparent – and our pricing will also reflect our commitment to our employees, to run a legitimate company offering appropriate benefits, to attract and retain talented and successful house painters.

Catchlight is fully licensed and insured.
All work is warrantied for three years.

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How to Prepare for Exterior House Painting


“The end product is amazing! Eraldo and Eduardo’s attention to detail definitely exceeded my expectations. Both did a fine job from beginning to end, including immaculate clean-up. Eduardo was here every day exactly when he said he would be. He worked hard, was diligent and pleasant. I will certainly call Catchlight again for painting and will recommend you as well.”

Alicia C.K., Dover

“It is my recent experience that very few service providers operate in this high level of professionalism. I recommend them to anyone looking for a great team of painters who get the job done on time and within budget. They were a pleasure to work with.”

Nat S., Newton

“When our contractor first gave us the estimate for painting we were shocked as it seemed pricy. In retrospect it was well worth every dollar! The paint looks as if it was baked on. BEAUTIFUL!! Keep doing what you’re doing!”

Liz Z., Brookline

“Carlos and Marcos went “above and beyond”. . . how could you improve your service – are you kidding?”

Nina N., Brookline

“I just want to let you know what a wonderful job you and your crew did on this house. I think it looks beautiful. Ther service you provided was fantastic and the quality of the workmanship was outstanding. . .”

Stephen B., Brookline

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