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Catchlight Painting Reviews

Catchlight painting customers home

“I just want to let you know what a wonderful job you and your crew did on this house. I think it looks beautiful. The service you provided was fantastic and the quality of the workmanship was outstanding. . .”

–Stephen B., Brookline

“I have come to rely on Catchlight knowing the finished work will be GREAT and the painting crew exceptionally pleasant”
–Sara M., Needham

“Service was outstanding. . . I don’t see much room for improvement. . . you met expectations which were very high based on comments by several individuals”
–Keith M., Jamaica Plain

“Leon and Kate were wonderful. . . your business is very well run and it was a delight to have your company help us with this project.”
–Rachael C., Roslindale

“I was introduced to Catchlight through the general contractor during a large scale renovation of my home in Brookline that was completed in March 2009. I was immediately impressed with the professionalism and absolute attention to detail that every representative of Catchlight demonstrated, from the painting crew on site, to the administrative personnel in the office. No detail was too small or insignificant to bring to Catchlight’s attention, and their quiet commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction was evident in every interaction I have had with them. Catchlight personnel on site were deeply respectful of my personal space, and left the areas they were working in in immaculate condition both on a daily basis during the job, and at the very end when they packed up to leave. I would not hesitate to use Catchlight again and highly recommend them. . .”
–Caesar B., Brookline

experienced house painter
Catchlight team mate painting exterior door
“Brian was able to answer every painting-related question. He is a true professional.”
–Cindy T., Brookline

“Carlos and Marcos went “above and beyond”. . . how could you improve your service – are you kidding?”
–Nina N., Brookline

“Fantastic! Hard to imagine (improving this service) – you guys are real pros!”
–Kevin G., Jamaica Plain

“I will definitely recommend Catchlight to others. The individuals who came to the house – especially Mike – were all great. Every crew member was courteous and respectful with all members of my family.”
–Kevin P., Brookline

“I liked most that the team was courteous and respectful of our needs with a baby and of the house during the project”
–Cathleen S., Brookline

“I think the quality of the work & the painter’s professionalism really made me glad I continued my relationship with Catchlight. Communication was excellent. I liked the updates we received about what was done each day and what they would attempt the next day.”
–Sky O., Weston

Home Interior painted by Catchlight
Detail of Catchlight's Interior Painting Work
“When our contractor first gave us the estimate for painting we were shocked as it seemed pricy. In retrospect it was well worth every dollar! The paint looks as if it was baked on. BEAUTIFUL!! Keep doing what you’re doing!”
–Liz Z., Brookline

“The end product is amazing! Eraldo and Eduardo’s attention to detail definitely exceeded my expectations. Both did a fine job from beginning to end, including immaculate clean-up. Eduardo was here every day exactly when he said he would be. He worked hard, was diligent and pleasant. I will certainly call Catchlight again for painting and will recommend you as well.”
–Alida C.K, Dover

“The work completed exactly matched the quote. I am a repeat customer so I knew the quality would be extremely high and it was.”
–Sean W., Brookline

“The crew was respectful, courteous and very professional. The work was thorough and incredibly well done. A++”
–Skott W., Alston

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