Meet the Crew

Nigel Costolloe

Nigel Costolloe, Owner & Estimator

Nigel Costolloe is both the owner of Catchlight Painting and one of our estimators. Having trained as an apprentice painter in California, Nigel continues to study the evolving science of coating adhesion and failure. He is active regionally and nationally in the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA) as a leader, speaker and mentor. He has roots in Australia and England, adores being a parent, and ends most days with a CrossFit workout.

“We really appreciated Nigel’s explanation of the process and his overall presentation”
Dean J., Cambridge

“I really am impressed. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Nigel, Deborah and Carlos. The workmanship is excellent; the price is very reasonable”
Joyce C., Brookline

Nigel Costolloe Business Profile, inPAINT Magazine 2016

Deborah Costolloe

Deborah Costolloe, Special Projects and Marketing

Deborah streamlines daily operations, keeps back-burner projects front-and-center, and oversees Catchlight’s marketing and community involvement. When not in the office or spending time with Nigel and their two teenage sons, there’s a good chance she’s making jewelry or walking in the woods with office dog Huey.


Huey, Office Dog

It’s Huey’s job to remind us all to stop and smell the fire hydrants! He is determined, and passionate about this responsibility.

Scott Lollar, Director of Operations

Scott oversee all aspects of scheduling and field operations. ” I enjoy working with crew members and clients to ensure a smooth and efficient customer experience.”  Scott moved from Chicago to join the Catchlight team. When not at his desk or in the field, Scott takes pleasure in spending time with family, watching a good soccer match or humming along to a Broadway musical.

Brian Jensen

At a time when countless brokerage sites – such as Angie’s, Thumbtack, Home Advisor, Certapro etc – charge service providers exorbitant fees for the privilege of being featured, Brian helps Catchlight maintain and increase our online visibility.  We’re old-school in our preference to bypass middleman overhead!

Doug Richards

Doug Richards, Lead Painter

Doug ran his own company before deciding he’d rather paint than manage a business. He joined the Catchlight team in 2012. Doug has an impressive breadth of skills and a delightful twinkle in his eye.

“We were very happy with Doug’s work across all the different jobs he had to do including patching, plaster, staining, painting, etc. He was very meticulous which is always a pleasant surprise”
Jules K., Newton

“If the need arises, we would like to hire your company again and have Doug do the work!”
Eliza N., Stoughton

Eraldo Scarpatto

Eraldo Scarpatto, Foreman

Eraldo is undaunted by even the most complex challenge. With Catchlight since 2000, Eraldo is the go-to foreman for any project requiring a clever solution or the use of a lift. “I don’t like to do things halfway. Customers appreciate a job done well, and this is how I need to work.” Eraldo enjoys spending time with his wife and son and is an amateur photographer.

“Eraldo is the ideal foreman. Very patient with customers. Has a “good eye” helpful with the color selection process” Carolyn S., Sudbury

“We had a complicated project and Eraldo was excellent, as always. Careful, communicative, thoroughly professional and on time”
Steve M., Concord

“I’ve had 9 different groups working on my property since April – almost non-stop. At one point, I was ready to walk away and turn the place over to them. With Eraldo and Eduardo, I love being at home. They’re such hard workers, so kind, so sweet, so fun, so caring, so helpful, and so decent. I hope you know what you have, Nigel, and treat them very, very well. Employees like that are a gift. Not sure if I had any in my entire career. Thanks for sending them to me. I’m almost at a point of making up work for them to do.”
Annette J., West Roxbury


C. Eduardo Pito

C. Eduardo Pitol, Lead painter

Eduardo, a fabulous painter in his own right, is often right-hand man to foreman Eraldo. With Catchlight since 2010, Eduardo is quiet and focused, diligent and efficient.

“Eduardo was an incredibly hard-worker, wonderful to have in our home & took so much pride in his work!”
Mike S., Somerville

“Extremely professional start to finish – very high standards all around. Eduardo is very good. He is the perfect crew member to have working in your home! Many thanks.”
Kathy R., Newton

Scott Walsh

Scott Walsh, Foreman

Scott’s forte is exacting interior work at pristine locations such as The Four Seasons and Battery Waterfront Boston. Scott is especially detail-oriented, a perfectionist in the best sense, and whisper-quiet. Except when checking in, customers barely know Scott’s present. “I love the art of painting and the technique involved in painting detailed work, brush work especially.” When not painting, Scott plays golf, travels with his wife, and visits historic places such as Sturbridge Village. He enjoys art history and art museums as well.

“Scott was wonderful- very helpful and pleasant to be around. The painting is great!” Eve S.

“Scott and Doug were perfect! Their work was clean, quiet, clear and looks great!”
Barbara S., Brookline

C. Alex

C. Alex Goes, Lead Painter

Alex joined Catchlight in 2008 as Carlos’ right-hand man – and son-in-law. Not only is Alex a careful painter, he’s a whiz with a vacuum inside and out: “I like to clean!!” When not at work or with his wife and two young sons, Alex enjoys playing basketball and soccer, or drums and the guitar at church.

“Alex in particular was very thoughtful and made sure we could use our back porch each evening. The house has never looked better. Cleanup each day was meticulous”
Bob S., Brookline

Wanderson Antonio

Wanderson Antonio, Painter

Wanderson is as steady, efficient and dependable as an Eveready battery. He has been with Catchlight since 2007 and enjoys working as part of a crew. His preference is interior painting which requires a different skill set than exterior work. Beyond spending time with his wife and daughter, Wanderson enjoys watching Brazilian soccer and listening to music.

“Catchlight’s painting services are leaps and bounds ahead of other painters we’ve used. I notice a real jump in the quality and finished product. I wish we had more rooms that needed painting!”
Maggie P., Brookline

Carlos Suazo

Carlos Suazo, Painter

Carlos is one of the newer members of the Catchlight team, coming on board in 2014. He is Catchlight’s gentle giant, and doesn’t flinch at climbing high ladders to paint roof trim. He enjoys playing soccer and providing DJ services at festive events.

Ramilo Nogueira

Ramilo Nogueira, Painter

Ramilo joined Catchlight in 2015 with nine years prior experience. His work is precise and versatile. Ramilo enjoys travel, especially across New England and Canada when time allows.

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