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How to Prepare for an Estimate

Make the Most of Your scheduled Estimate

Catchlight Owner and Estimator Nigel Costolloe has extensive knowledge of paint coatings and the root causes of paint failure here in New England. The Catchlight estimating process involves conversation and observation resulting in a detailed written description, including pricing. Nigel is happy to answer your questions and discuss options. Expect a comprehensive estimate from Catchlight– one that will clearly inform and assist you in making educated choices.


Work Scope

We are happy to discuss the areas you wish addressed now as well as those that may be on your future to-do list. Efficiencies can make completing a single project more cost-effective than multiple smaller projects involving the same services. Please be sure to finalize the scope of work you would like completed before your project gets underway as scheduling commitments may limit our ability to add additional areas once work begins.

Catchlight’s Price Point Reflects Our Approach and Work Ethic

We do not strive to be a “budget” paint company. Catchlight pricing is higher than some of our competitors because:

  • We focus keenly on surface preparation, the invisible but critical initial step in achieving a finish that is properly bonded to the existing surface. Our commitment to thorough prep ensures coating integrity, longevity and durability.
  • Our work process employs best practices regarding safety – the safety of both your family and our crew. We follow all OSHA and EPA RRP Lead-Safe requirements, and “work clean.” This means protecting furniture, flooring, and adjacent surfaces while managing dirt and dust spread using HEPA-filtered vacuums and air scrubbers.
  • We believe in the value of our talented crew members and offer them a professional living wage. This includes health insurance and other benefits to ensure that we attract and retain highly skilled craftsmen and women.

To better compare the estimates you receive, be sure to discuss the level of prep that will be done, safety standards, and project logistics with each of the painting contractor you meet.

Beyond Walls or Clapboards, You May Wish to Discuss These Areas and Issues:

  • Ceilings that sag or are peeling
  • Doors and windows that stick
  • Missing or broken window ropes/sash cords
  • Closet doors, both sides, and closet interiors
  • Lead painted – we can test for immediate results
  • Consider the level of repair or restoration you seek
  • Consider if your project requires light carpentry or plaster repair
Historic Home Restoration

Paint Colors

Have you chosen new colors? We are available to discuss options, provide fan decks, apply samples before work starts, or refer you to a color consultant.

Brush Cleaning

Is there a slop sink or water supply available? Crew members often clean brushes off-site, but access to water is helpful for interior projects and critical for exterior work/power washing.

Interior Painting

Our greatest availability for interior projects is after cold temperatures bring the exterior painting season to a close. Take advantage of Catchlight Painting’s annual winter special: Paint & Material On the House! Because we appreciate the opportunity to keep our crew busy year round, we are delighted to provide you high-quality Benjamin Moore paint and materials (up to a $500 value) free of charge for interior work scheduled January through March.


Please discuss alarm logistics, key arrangements, daily start times, neighbor concerns, child and pet considerations, and parking (is a permit required?).


Please discuss the flexibility of your schedule including black-out dates. Catchlight typically does not commit to a specific start date weeks in advance as weather variables and the nature of our work require flexible scheduling. We do prioritize critical deadlines.

Exterior Painting

Catchlight crews respect and protect landscaping, but the need to access exterior surfaces does require working within planted areas. Please consider which summer months ladder and drop cloth placement will have the least impact on your garden. We are available to meet with you or your gardener or refer you to a gardening service to help prepare your property for a major exterior painting project.


Please consider whether an exterior porta toilet or use of an interior bathroom is preferable.

Furnished or Empty

Our crews are equally adept at painting occupied homes or empty spaces. Do you plan to be home during the work? Some homeowners prefer to schedule work when they are away. Catchlight is able to accommodate whichever arrangement you prefer. In the event we become available on short notice, are you interested in being on our immediate availability call list?

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