Importance of Lead Paint Safety

I am a huge fan of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and when his April 17, 2016 broadcast was about the dangers of lead it got me to thinking about how my coworkers, those fantastic men and women working as painters here at Catchlight Painting, work to make everything safer. Just over 3 minutes […]

Boston’s Best Painters Give Back, Again and Again…

I’ve been working through a trenchant biography of Winston Churchill for some months now, The Last Lion, and continue to be impressed by his fortitude and perseverance during the harrowing experience of the London blitz of WWII. Recently I heard a quote that was attributed to him “we make a living by what we get; […]

Some Thanksgiving Thank Yous

Two delightful and gratifying testimonials are below, both unsolicited, from two very different projects. The first comes from the remarkable interior designer Kelly Rogers who has been managing the multiple responsibilities of running a business, raising small children, managing her Newton household all the while entering a high pressure design competition. She writes extensively about […]

Who Benefits from a Warranty?

Just about every company in the trades touts their warranty. Let’s put aside the question of how many companies actually honor their warranties, because we hear our share of horror stories about unethical contractors. Instead let’s look at who benefits from a ‘real’ warranty. I suspect most warranties are simply another checklist on the marketing […]

To Caulk or Not to Caulk

A historic homeowner in Chicago has reached out to us twice now for some expert advice after receiving conflicting advice from contractors in his area. His most recent question follows; Hello Nigel, This is James from Chicago. You may not remember me but you were very helpful in talking to me over this past summer […]

The Devil Is in the Details

Walking through my Brookline neighborhood with Huey the rescue-but-what-have-you-done-for-me-lately dog this weekend, I stopped to admire the rehabilitation of a historic mansion that had been neglected for many years. The developer seems to have done a decent job, at least when viewed from afar. But a closer look revealed some classic shortcuts and mistakes we […]

A Primer on Primers

A homeowner Mike in the Chicago area found us via this blog and after checking us out on Angie’s List called to pick my brain about primers. His predicament reminded me of the confusion that surrounds the use and purpose of primers; he had been given conflicting advice about which primer his home needed; one […]

What Is the Price of Peace of Mind?

I’ve always considered the residential painting industry a little like the old Wild West – largely unregulated, filled with independent minded, go-it-alone types.  In industry parlance reference is made to painters who operate on the margins as station wagon bandits, bottom feeders and other even less flattering descriptors.  The upside of this unregulation is entry […]

Winter Horror Show: Ice Dams

I won’t indulge my desire to moan about how much I’ve had to shovel this past month, nor the shoveling expected this weekend with the arrival of our next blizzard. Instead, in the spirit of camaraderie and New England stoicism, I offer you this image from a neighbor’s home; He had called wondering if he […]

How Do Employee Benefits Buy You a Better Paint Job?

At Catchlight Painting, we’ve always put families first.  We believe in recognizing and honoring the significant events in our employee’s lives.  From work anniversaries to birthdays, from paternity leave to bereavement, we understand that to ask our employees to consistently deliver their best work we must in turn treat them with respect and dignity.  Being […]