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Every year, paint enthusiasts are treated with a slew of brands releasing their “Color of the Year.” Not only does this help us with inspiration on recommendations, but it also helps guide homeowners on current and upcoming color trends. 

Exploring the ‘Color of the Year’ options can be daunting, especially when considering what colors complement or pair well with these bold and unique choices. Below, we highlight a few of the 2024 color options and palettes that best accompany each one. 

Benjamin Moore – Blue Nova 

color of the year

Whoever said blue is out clearly has not seen Benjamin Moore’s beautiful 2024 “Color of the Year.” One of the most unique colors on this year’s list, Blue Nova is a stunning blue-violet blend. If you’re considering using Blue Nova in your home, the best way to make the color pop to its full potential is by pairing it with lighter and more neutral tones like off-whites with a rosy undertone and sandy beiges. If you want to really stand out and pair color with more color – try a lilac to make the violet tones of the Blue Nova pop!

Sherwin Williams – Upward

Blue for the win again! Sherwin Williams takes a lighter approach to 2024 with their choice, Upward, which they describe as a ‘denim blue with calm gray undertones.’ This is definitely a cooler tone, a shade of blue that reminds us of summers on the coast. Upward pairs well with cool white or a lighter gray, which really makes the gray undertone of this shade stand out. For a bold contrast, try a moody dark blue or black. 


Pantone – Peach Fuzz 

Although not a brand of paint, Pantone’s Color of the Year is probably the most recognized. The Pantone Color System, which is a standardized color-matching system widely used around the world, takes a gentle approach to 2024 with Peach Fuzz. This shade pairs well with rich pink and red tones, along with beiges with a blush undertone. For the contrasting color lovers, try a darker green or a maroon. 

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