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My son Jesse and I spent 5 days in London last week – his first visit, and I enjoyed seeing the familiar city through his eyes. Double decker buses that seem precariously unstable as they turn corners, London bobbies in their tidy blue suits and peaked helmets, and everywhere, buildings of almost unimaginable beauty.

Jesse grew a little weary of my time spent waxing poetic about the architecture of the Victorian era but was as eager as I to visit the London Eye for a bird’s eye view. The skyline was gorgeous, the domes of cathedrals and the Houses of Parliament seguing harmoniously to the delightfully risque Gherkin and ne plus moderne Shard by Norman Foster.

But, leave it to the trained eye of the painting contractor to also notice the ‘painter’s holidays’ left on the steel beams of the Eye. In the photo below you can see many yellowish areas where a painter’s brush couldn’t quite reach.

I wonder who signed off on this paint job?

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