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I won’t indulge my desire to moan about how much I’ve had to shovel this past month, nor the shoveling expected this weekend with the arrival of our next blizzard.

Instead, in the spirit of camaraderie and New England stoicism, I offer you this image from a neighbor’s home;

He had called wondering if he should be worried – tough question, that one.  The staining comes from water dripping over bare wood inside the roof and eaves, extracting tannins then running down the siding. Against brick, or a darker house this wouldn’t be visible of course, so the foresight of our puritan forebears and their passion for the simplicity of white painted homes serves as the proverbial canary in this case – I advised him to remove the accumulated ice and snow from his roof (putting him in touch with the fine folks at the Copper and Slate Company) ASAP, keep an eye on staining on interior plaster, and most importantly, to keep his fingers crossed. So, should he be worried? I don’t think so. Aware, yes, proactive, definitely, Next time he re-roofs the house he should consider an unbroken ice and water shield over the entire roof as the roof pitch is minimal.  In the spring we’ll wash the stains off then repaint the affected elevation.

So where does the spirit of camaraderie come in, you ask?  On my own home a south facing gutter tore off under the weight of accumulated ice, but also exposing some shoddy carpentry repairs effected sometime in the past. Here’s hoping your own home is faring better!

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