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In 25 years of running a painting company we’ve seen our share of beautiful paint finishes as well as disappointing finishes. Setting aside issues of craftsmanship or skill, the defining feature of each is always related to the quality of the paint and primer coating in play.

Assuming a smooth flat surface, free of defects, a painted wall finished with a cheaper paint may look fine head on but as soon as it is viewed from an oblique angle, walking down a hallway for instance, a lesser paint will show roller strokes, brush lines and the different texture left by each tool – a stipple by the roller, directional drag marks by the brush.

The same smooth flat surface finished with a premium paint will not reveal the same defects as the paint has been engineered to coalesce and dry at a slower and more forgiving rate, allowing the textures to blend and overlap, leaving a seamless coating from top to bottom.

Our favorite paint is Benjamin Moore’s Century, a bespoke paint offered in limited colors – it finishes to a remarkable soft matte finish that has a smooth touch, almost like a tanned leather. Benjamin Moores’ Aura and Regal Select products are also excellent and certainly more affordable.

Sherwin Williams offers an array of finishes in their Emerald line that are similarly polished and flawless when properly applied. We also apply lots of Farrow and Ball paint, an English brand with a high price to match – Farrow and Ball offers a unique color palette along with unique descriptors that may trip up the amateur, and even the professional – Estate Emulsion and Modern Emulsion is the name of their flat and matte finishes respectively.

Regardless of the manufacturer, if you choose to purchase and apply the best paint each has to offer, you’ll be pleased with the results, immediately and over the long term.

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