We did it for the monkeys! A community service project for Helping Hands in Boston

We organized and managed a large one day community service project recently, benefitting Helping Hands Monkey Helpers for the Disabled, and in the one very busy day we were on site I saw not just generous and philanthropic behavior from our employees but selflessness beyond anyone’s expectations.

The spaces we painted included a service hallway and training area, with the majority of work taking place on the office level where a dizzying array of walls, doors, offices and an open ceiling plan made for a very complicated project.

In these photos below you can get a sense of the movements required to to get all elements painted; multiply these by the 5 color design scheme and you get a better sense of how drying time and color application compounded the complexity of the day.

Helping Hands – Early morning


Helping Hands – At the end of our day

We successfully completed our work in one day and turned the space back over to the good people of Helping Hands; their offices were offline for just one day and their appreciation for our efforts sincere and effusive.

Stacy White of Benjamin Moore was the inspiration behind the color scheme, and Kevin Scopetski, our local BM rep went above and beyond providing us, free of charge, with a large quantity of their excellent Aura paint. This project wouldn’t have been possible without them!

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