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We’re known for being discriminating, and also for being more expensive than most Boston painting companies.  We pride ourselves on superlative finishes of course, and also on meticulous prep.  So it’s often a surprise to our clients when they hand us the keys to their new home and expect a simple color change by the end of the day, instead finding a collage of repairs, primer and preparation. 

This photo typifies our attention to detail; what superficially passed for a finished wall to our client was actually a quandary for us; skim the most obvious defects or skim the whole wall?  In this case we ‘touched up’ because time was of the essence.

We are asked all the time, “what makes you different?”  Or more directly, “why do you cost more?”  Our trained eye is just one of many reasons – what kind of painter do you want in your home?  Someone whose eye is on the bottom line, or one who cares for craft and consequence?

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