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There’s a great business book by Marcus Buckingham called First, Break All The Rules; it pertains to management, but the title would be fitting for the rules around color dos and don’ts these days. When it comes to interior house painting and inspirational ideas, it’s all about color. The days of white trim, white ceilings, and neutral wall colors are gone; “bold and adventurous” is here. Rather than a blank canvas upon which to hang artwork, wall colors, in particular, are now used to establish and accentuate mood.  Whether painting an entire room or an accent, we share a few of our favorite interior house paint ideas here.

Interior House Paint Ideas – The Best of 2022

Benjamin Moore’s 2022 Color Trends palette is an example of the effective use of color to set the stage for creativity while offering a gentle and meditative background. Their color “October Mist” is the Color of the Year 2022. Benjamin Moore describes it as “evocative of the stem of a flower, this gently shaded sage anchors and uplifts.” Their color “Mysterious” is equally impactful but delivers a very different result, a richer tone that is far more dramatic. Of this color, Benjamin Moore states: “A compelling denim blue that can read as a black paint color or a rich navy.” Reflecting a similar mood to October Mist, Sherwin Williams’ Color of the Year 2022 is “Evergreen Fog.” This cool, fresh color works well in larger and smaller spaces and can be applied to ceilings and walls with equal success. The English paint company Farrow and Ball is happy to offer a more aesthetically adventurous palette. They have two of their 2022 Colours of the Year, Stone Blue and Breakfast Room Green. The use of these bolder colors adds liveliness to any room. Donald Kaufman Color similarly splashes color for an eye-catching effect. Started by former artist Donald Kaufman and his wife, the company specializes in custom colors not typically found in commercial paint companies. Together, they have created an inspired palette of luxurious colors. But leave it to Martha Stewart to embrace the 5th wall – the ceiling. Painting the ceiling a dramatic color adds drama and contrast to a room, draws attention to any detailed molding, and warms a space with high ceilings.

Some Tips for Color Assessment

A word to the wise when assessing colors; looking at a fan deck or color card is rarely successful – viewing the color in the right environment is key, and then applying a paint sample to a wall is helpful. When it comes to paint samples, we suggest you do not paint it directly on the wall as this can ‘photograph’ through a finish coat and leave you with an irregular background. Once the entire room is painted, that painted sample will sit higher on the wall surface, catching light differently from the rest of the wall. If you’re OCD and highly detailed, you may notice the sample patch every time you walk into the room!  Like PPG, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams offer large stick-on samples that can easily be applied to surfaces and simply removed without damage. Once the stickers are applied, live with the ‘right’ color for a few days to assess it under different lighting conditions. What you see in daylight may look quite different in the evening.

Let Your Personality Shine

Color adds personality and charm to any interior, a reflection of your aesthetic tastes and the mood you want to create in each room of your home. Take your time and choose wisely. With patience and little creativity, you’ll find just the right shade! Are you looking for more interior house paint ideas? Contact us at Catchlight Painting to learn more. As one of the premier interior painting contractors in the Greater Boston Area, it’s our duty to provide reference-quality service to all our clients. 

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