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This month, Catchlight Painting’s painter spotlight focuses on two of our esteemed painters: Eraldo Scarpatto- Catchlight Panting’s longest-standing employee, and Gregg Boucher- Catchlight Painting’s newest employee.

Bringing an unmatched work ethic, professional expertise, and a generous spirit to his work as a painter at Catchlight, Eraldo Scarpatto has been a shining star from the day he started. “Eraldo is the king of can-do; every project he completes he delivers on time and to solid praise from the owners”, says Nigel Costolloe, owner of Catchlight. “A 20-year Catchlight veteran, he could rest on his laurels but instead every day he shows up and teaches our younger painters how to work faster and smarter – he sets the bar very high for the rest of us!”

Eraldo came to Catchlight Painting through a friend’s recommendation and has been with the company ever since. “The most rewarding part of the job is seeing the final product and recognizing my craftsmanship,” commented Eraldo. “I view every project as a new and exciting challenge.”

Growing up in a small city in Brazil where everyone knows everyone, Eraldo learned the value of close relationships. When he isn’t working, what he loves most is spending time with his family, traveling, and has a passion for photography. He has a great eye that can always capture the perfect shot! Pictured here are some of his original images. In addition to his many talents with a paint brush and a camera, Eraldo holds a bachelor’s degree in Administration, Computer Programming, and Arts.

Photo by Eraldo Scarpatto

Photo by Eraldo Scarpatto

Gregg began working at Catchlight Painting in April of 2021 and has already proven to be a great addition to the Catchlight team.

Born and raised in Pittsfield Massachusetts, Gregg grew up spending time with his older siblings at some of his favorite activities – baseball, soccer, and dirt bike riding. After he graduated high school, he attended Holyoke Community College.

Gregg has always enjoyed working with his hands. Five years ago, he started painting for a small company where he learned the basics of the craft. At Catchlight, he is honing those skills, becoming an expert in interior restoration work, focusing on the attention to detail the work requires. Says, Gregg, “My favorite part of the job is seeing the final outcome and knowing that I played a part in creating it for our clients.”

Nigel is delighted by the addition of Gregg to the Catchlight team. “Gregg brings to work sincerity and appreciation each and every day; appreciation for the craft of painting, for his fellow painters, for our clients. His sincerity shows in his attitude, performance, communication and diligence – if we could clone him, we would!”

When Gregg isn’t in the field, he enjoys spending time with his loved ones and friends. A fun fact about Gregg – while he claims to lack baking skills, he is an excellent cook. He can prepare just about anything you ask him to!

At Catchlight, we’re looking to hire more professional painters like Eraldo and Gregg. For more details, please call us at (617) 734-1696 or email us at info@catchlightpainting.com.

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