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Recently we were asked to paint kitchen cabinets in a Back Bay home on Marlborough street; the original finish had been sprayed on the doors but the boxes were brushed and showed minute contamination – rubbing the finish revealed a slight texture consistent with dust contaminated paint.

The biggest challenge for our craftsmen was not the paint job, but the protection of the cabinet interiors and the rest of the open plan kitchen.  Top this off with 12′ high walls and you can imagine the amount of plastic needed to create the work area.

The photo below shows their work, mid-project, the island and doorless cabinets carefully and meticulously masked, a Zipwall erected to confine our work area to a very narrow footprint.

we used plastic to protect the appliances and counters while painting kitchen cabinets

Given the confined nature of the work space, a key component of the protection protocol is our large HEPA-level air scrubber, or negative air machine, that kept all fumes, dust and spray from leaving the work area. Needless to say, the project was successfully completed, and to the client’s complete satisfaction; his description of our work?


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