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As a community partner and local business, Catchlight Painting is pleased to support other businesses, individuals, and organizations that we find exceptional. For this month’s spotlight, we are excited to introduce Seth Barrett of Village Green Renewal.

Seth, you’re a Brookline native. What do you enjoy and appreciate most about the Brookline local community?

I love how Brookline attracts people from all cultures and backgrounds, and unites them with their appreciation for community and connection. I’m always impressed with how quick people here are to make friends with their neighbors, to reach out to one another and to explore life side by side.

When did you develop a passion for antiques?

I grew in a home filled with interesting antiques, from Egyptian artifacts and early-American cookware to Federal furniture and Chippendale clocks. My mother passed along her taste for beautiful belongings, and my father gave me the tools — literally and figuratively — to care for them.

Is there a specific project you’ve worked on over the years that stands out?

I really enjoyed working on an old kinetic sculpture that had been rusting in our customer’s garage for decades. In its time out of service, it had become poorly tuned, lost its timing, and developed a nasty squeaking sound. After we took the time to really understand its intended working pattern, we meticulously adjusted every gate, lift, and drop, de-rusted the raceways and returned it to its original working order. The day it went home was a sad one for us, but a happy one for it’s owner!

What are some of your own favorite antique pieces?

I love functional pieces that harken graphically to a different era, especially advertising art, like cigar boxes, soda crates, food packaging, and toys. Just as photographs immediately transport you to another time, these gems speak volumes about their moment in history.

Talk to us about the green wave that is sweeping across Brookline. How can the community get involved?

Green thinking has gone beyond just swapping out the SUV for a Prius; now more and more people are realizing that the best way to conserve resources is not to use them in the first place. Planned obsolescence aside, nearly anything can be fixed, and in the end, glow with the patina and character that comes with love and use.

Who inspires you?

You know that expression — if you want to get something done, ask the busiest person in the room? Well, the busiest, and most effective, person in Brookline, hands down is Chobee Hoy. Even while spearheading one of the most successful real estate businesses in town, she remains peerless in her embrace of Brookline’s people and institutions, and even more importantly, she’s always up for a party, (as long as it’s for a good cause)!

Who are the local green businesses that you feel deserve a mention and why?

This isn’t a business, per se, but kudos to the Town of Brookline for everything that they do. From bike paths and recycling programs, to community gardens and electric vehicles, the town is out in front of the green revolution and a clear leader in sustainable living.

village green renewal brookline ma antique repairAre there any considerations for someone with vintage or antique items in need of repair or restoration?

Keep in mind that repair and restoration happens in degrees — you can ask us for everything from museum-quality restoration, to a super-quick glue-up. It helps to know what you’re going for before you come in – That way you can best guide your experience with our reception team.

Anything else our readers should know about your business and services?

We recently teamed up with RARE Moving and Storage, and now our team of professional movers can pick up and deliver your treasures anywhere in the country.

Here’s a short video featuring Seth and Village Green Renewal from David Vos.

Contact Seth

Seth Barrett
Village Green Renewal
6 Davis Ave. Brookline, MA 02445

Email: seth@greenbrookline.com
Phone: 671-464-7336
Website: www.greenbrookline.com

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