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At Catchlight Painting, we’ve always put families first.  We believe in recognizing and honoring the significant events in our employee’s lives.  From work anniversaries to birthdays, from paternity leave to bereavement, we understand that to ask our employees to consistently deliver their best work we must in turn treat them with respect and dignity.  Being aware of and then recognizing the important and sometimes life-changing moments in their lives builds loyalty and trust in the painters we employ.

Being in the trades, where most businesses on the small side and run somewhat casually, the HR bar is set typically low – we’ve heard stories from employees of wages delayed or unpaid, of, random employment and termination and unpredictable scheduling, of nepotism, favoritism and every other kind of -ism.  The notion of providing a secure and stable work environment allows our employees to build their own nest eggs, to buy their own homes, and effectively plan for their futures.  At Catchlight Painting we automatically match retirement contributions as much as the law allows, and encourage company provided interest-free loans for special events; a child’s wedding, a special vacation, or unexpected medical expenses.

In turn, these benefits attract the highest caliber of job seeker and so we are able to hire the best painters Boston has to offer – mature, focused, and responsible painters who not only take pride in their work but show up with a positive, friendly and respectful attitude.  We spend a lot of time in and around our clients’ homes and we expect the experience to be overwhelmingly positive for our clients.  This starts with their engagement with our painters and we have dozens of reviews, online and via written evaluation, that specifically call out our painting crews for their professionalism, friendliness and and rapport.

As the saying goes, ‘happy wife, happy life’.  We would add that ‘happy painter, better painter’ is equally true.


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