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A call came from a Newton homeowner, referred by one of our customers; an exterior painting project in need of estimating and consulting; a strange issue with sidelights around the front door that couldn’t be explained.  A home inspector, a general contractor, and a window manufacturer had all been consulted, to no avail.

The photo below shows 2 issues; plastic glass panel inserts had yellowed over time from their original bright white; a cleaning, priming, and painting with Benjamin Moore’s Aura exterior semi-gloss resolves this eyesore.  But what about the black seams around the window?  Poltergeists?

Not quite; simply a poorly installed and finished mildew-friendly flexible caulk or gasket material used to seal the sidelights after installation.  We’ll kill the mildew with Jomax and bleach, then prime and paint like the rest of the trim.

This issue is not uncommon and thankfully the resolution is quick and low-cost.  Now if we can just get the project wrapped up before the next snow!

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