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As I sat in my kitchen this morning, I was thinking how wonderful it was looking out the windows and actually seeing things: the tree in my back yard, the birds in search of breakfast and our neighbor’s house even though there were no lights shining from the windows.

SpringMarveling in the knowledge that the days are getting longer led my mind to Catchlight Painting and the fact that the exterior painting season was fast approaching. Or should I say – fast approaching depending on the fickleness of our New England weather.

Thinking about the busiest time of the year for everyone in the building/contracting/landscaping business; and residential painting in particular, brought to mind – wire wraps and port-a-toilets, and that led me to the blog Nigel posted in 2007. His boys remain well-mannered and but are not quite as rambunctious.

I present to you from the pen of Nigel Costolloe – 2007

On Portable Toilets

As the father of two well-mannered but rambunctious young boys, I am all too familiar with the challenge that distance, direction and biology pose in our bathroom. At Catchlight, Inc. we feel it important to compensate for such design flaws by supplying portable toilets on all of our exterior projects, and as many of our interior projects as possible.

While the passion and love I feel towards my children encourages patience and a certain measure of forgiveness, I would not expect our clients to feel the same way towards our employees!

What better way then, to avoid the whole mess (so to speak) and awkwardness? Portable toilet rental is convenient, affordable, and a welcome relief to our clients and our employees.

Consider; no worries about bothering the homeowner for access, no embarrassment if odors are left behind, no concern over whether to remove shoes before entering the home, no crises if the home is left locked during the day, no etiquette breaches when wondering if one is to unwrap the beautiful French milled soap….. And are those pressed linen hand towels really supposed to be used or are they decoration? Where the heck is the replacement roll of toilet paper?

Come to think of it, providing a temporary toilet is actually a great way to alleviate stress and strain for all the parties involved! And the various service companies that are destined to spend their days without access to facilities, the lawn companies, the UPS driver, and the postal carrier, all breathe a sigh of relief when they see that toilet on their routes. So consider the service this policy provides to the community at large.
For us, this is an obvious benefit we can provide both our employees and clients. I am sure this is an unusual topic for a blog. Please feel free to respond, I’d love to hear from you.

Nigel Costolloe
Catchlight, Inc
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