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These words, shared via our project evaluation, come from a delightful professional interior design client who shall go unnamed but will most definitely be recognized and thanked!

“I think it’s a very lucky man (in this day and age) whose work is known and respected by his employer and valued by the customer. To be able to work carefully and thoughtfully is a gift to everybody involved – it was a pleasure to have your company here.”

The client is referring to our foreman Carlos Oliveira, a 10 year veteran of Catchlight, and we are richer for his company.  Carlos personifies the deliberate, intentional, no-drama foreman, one who happily sacrifices a project’s budget on the altar of ‘it needs more prep than the estimate allows’.

Carlos at our recent charity project

Carlos for me reflects the best of our industry – knowledgeable, skilled, patient, hard working (regardless of the project or weather conditions), always courteous, and a natural teacher and coach of his painting crew.  Weekends finds him busy with church activities and just last week he left our community service project after a 10 hour day to drive home and begin another charity painting project for his own community.  He recently was awarded US citizenship, of which he is rightly proud, and we’re convinced it was his vote that put Obama over the top!

Whether its a project involving the application of coats and coats of Peelaway to remove 200 years of paint, or mechanical grinding while wearing a Tyvek suit and HEPA respirator in mid-summer, careful to adhere to EPA RRP standards every step of the way, or simply and carefully protecting the contents of a fully furnished home before rolling out a ceiling, Carlos is the consummate professional.

Thank you, Carlos!

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