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As residents of the greater New England area, we are truly fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful seasons, unreplicable scenery, and living history. This regional beauty is particularly true of the city of Newton, MA; it is, and always has been, a thriving corner of the Commonwealth. The city boasts thirteen distinct village centers, each with its own unique personality and history, but at its heart, Newton is a tight-knit community. 

Any business person will tell you that establishing a trusted reputation in Newton can be challenging! The city’s residents are savvy, discerning consumers – earning their confidence can take decades of delivering consistent quality, dedication, and professionalism. Catchlight Painting has proudly painted homes throughout Newton, MA, for over 25 years. In that time, our staff has earned that trust with the kind of consistent workmanship and attention to detail required for reference-level historic home restoration, particularly the beautiful Victorian and Colonial homes found throughout Middlesex County. 

It’s an honor to be invited to help preserve Newton’s long history; we never take the responsibility lightly nor our clients’ trust for granted. 

Painting Homes in Newton, MA – The Unique Architecture of Newton

Starting in the 18th century, Newton has attracted those seeking the highest-quality craftsmanship as homes that boasted a bit of grandeur, unique quality, and a lineage that would be literally cemented for centuries to come. 

Today, you’ll find Queen Anne Victorians, Farmhouse Colonials, Brownstones, and even modern luxury Ranches in Newton. Still, the majority of residences are historic. Properly restoring these treasures requires a specific investment and expertise in careful surface preparation and paint application; this is our specialty at Catchlight!

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Catchlight and The Baley House

One of Catchlight’s most demanding and rewarding residential painting projects in Newton was the Baley House restoration. This storied and breathtaking property has been a staple in Newtonville for generations and has had eight owners since its first brick was laid.

The Bayley House is a prominent example of High Victorian Gothic architecture, even listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The house has served many purposes in addition to being a private residence, including a junior college and even a religious order priory—a property as elegant and unique as the Baley House requires the highest level of craftsmanship. 

16 Fairmont Avenue, Newton

As residential house painters experienced in historic restoration, our team carefully sanded, repaired, and painted the exterior. From the pitched gables to the porte-cochere, the gutters to the multi-styled shingling, the light carpentry/restoration efforts were handled with extreme care. Disturbing lead-based paints was at the top of our minds, which is why our staff wore Tyvek suits and HEPA-filtered respirators as they hand-scraped old paint from the property. 

The Baley House restoration is a prime example of using modern methods and tools to restore and honor the past – the results are some of the best we’ve ever seen. 

A Trusted Service Provider in Newton

While not every home in Newton is like the Baley House, our talented painters are always hard at work to deliver the same kind of excellence each client deserves.

We look forward to working in the Newton community for decades to come. 

If you’re looking for light carpentry, exterior, or interior painting services in Newton, please contact us today. 


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