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Two delightful and gratifying testimonials are below, both unsolicited, from two very different projects.

The first comes from the remarkable interior designer Kelly Rogers who has been managing the multiple responsibilities of running a business, raising small children, managing her Newton household all the while entering a high pressure design competition.

She writes extensively about this competition and her latest achievement here;

One Room Challenge – Week 6: Manbrary Reveal

and took the time to generously salute the good work or our foreman Scott Walsh, here;

Key Partners

  • Painting:Catchlight Painting (special shout-out to these guys, who are total pros and were extremely flexible and worked hard until the job was completed perfectly – can’t say enough about their skill and precision with a fussy product, and willingness to go above and beyond, including helping me move the ridiculously heavy and awkward desk back into the room)

The second testimonial comes from Julie, a Cambridge client with a much simpler, one day project;

To Nigel, Dan, and Alex,

I am writing this email to express my gratitude for your services.

After many years of wishing for children and a happy home to raise them in, I was blessed with twin boys. I next dreamed of the beautiful space I was going to create and provide them with in our home. A small space in our small home filled with love in this great big world. I picked a color for the walls and began coordinating pieces. I painted at night by work lamps while the boys slept. I hated the color. Tears and another trip to Home Depot for a lighter color. Three nights later, I was frustrated with my sloppy work and inability to cover the old color. I needed a professional.

The next morning, in haste and desperation to make the nursery functional again, I hired the first painter to return my call. He was to begin the next morning. He never showed.
That afternoon (after waiting all morning for the no show painter) I took the boys for a walk. I noticed one of your work vans in our neighborhood. Once we were home and the boys were settled, I called your company again. A woman answered the phone and assessed my needs. She directed me to Dan who promptly scheduled a painter to arrive at our home the following morning. I immediately felt relief knowing that someone was going to show up and get me out of this mess.
Alex showed up the next morning and was ready to go. He worked quietly and diligently, fixing my mistakes and helping me to give my new babies a room of their own.
I’m am now in the process of arranging their beautiful things and am looking forward to the moments and memories that will happen here.

Thank you again,

Julie (& Ryan & Evan)

Needless to say, we’re delighted to receive and read such praise. Painting is after all, a combination of the pragmatic and aesthetic; no one cares too much about the back end; sanding, caulking, spackling, etc, but everyone, including us, loves the end result of a room transformed. We’re so pleased when our own passion for painting is appreciated and acknowledged by our customers!

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